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     I remember first being introduced to photography by a really cute bright orange film camera that came with my happy meal. I loved capturing every moment and found myself running to the store on a regular basis to have my film developed.  It didn't matter if I was horseback riding, gardening or playing with my pet rabbit; I almost always had a camera in my hand. 

    After high school I attended post secondary school in order to get my degree as a Photographic imaging tech. I have always loved capturing peoples natural smiles, their joy, and sharing some of the most important moments of people's lives. My clients love that my sessions don't feel like your having your photos taken. I encourage them to be themselves, laugh and just have a great time capturing memories, even if it means I find myself in a river or covered in mud on more than one occasion trying to get the perfect shot.

    My photography has allowed me to travel world wide and see some of the most incredible places. The best part of my career is that it has allowed me to be fully present for my daughter. I am so grateful to be able to give back to my community, to bless lives of others, and help coach other photographers to be better at what they love. 

    Whether it's a wedding, family session, or photos of your first baby, these moments are precious. Why not have one of western Canada's best capture them for you.  

Awards & Nominations:


Tracy & Cody

Chelsea is the absolute BEST to work with. She is fun, laid back, open to ideas of photos and has great ideas as well. Knows how to capture posed pics as well as capturing natural moments. I have worked with Chelsea on personal shoots, our engagement and our wedding. Highly recommend for any occasion!

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