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10 years of Love- Saskatoon

Alright.... I have my tissue box ready!! Rosemarie & Petar, They are two of my favorite people ... like ever! I have had the joy of capturing these two beautiful people and their adorable pups for over 10 years! Fun Fact... Rosemarie is the reason I have my dog Cricket, she was his foster family! Their journey began at the golden arches of cheeseburger heaven, by that I mean they met working at McDonalds together. Their love grew and Aug of 2011 I captured their wedding at the Saskatoon Berry barn. And did we go take photos at the place it all started.. of course! Their wedding to this day is still one of my favorites! They wanted fun wedding photos, so we enjoyed cheeseburgers, played on a playground, and took photos at Riverlanding ( it was brand new back then). Their dog Charlie was just a pup, fitted into his own tux he was their ring puppy.

Year after year Myself and my previous business partner would capture anniversary photos. We always tried to keep it fresh going to different locations, and once Mickey came along it was always a fun session of four. Its cool to watch how much my photography has grown and changed over the years as well. Over the years we became great friends. Rosemarie was even one of the first of my friends to meet Chloe after she was born. Its crazy to see how much they have changed over the years, and i love as years went on Petar's beard grew and grew! Year 1... Year 2... Year 3.... Year 4.... Year 5... and then.... THEY MOVED!!! They both got jobs in Vancouver, but thank goodness for technology so we could always keep in touch!

So here was are ten years later. In the spring Rosemarie reached out, We are coming to Saskatoon we NEED to you capture our 10 year photos!! 10000000% I was game, I missed them soo much. They made a special trip from Vancouver just for me, you have no idea how much I cried happy tears in my van after our session. Rosemarie brought her veil from her wedding to wore it for their photos, and of course the pups joined us. I'll be honest I was freaking out a little bit that day, the weather went south and it was pouring rain just a few hours before their shoot. But they had come all that way, and so many of the indoor locations I would typically recommend don't allow pets, well that would never do. So we headed to the riverlanding where I took their wedding photos originally ten years prior. We used the cover of the bridge to shelter us from the rain and took shots with the brand new mural. But Mickey and Charlie needed some where to run and play so we headed out to one of my favorite spots to shoot. ( its my secret location) The leaves had already started to turn, they had a prefect fall backdrop. I had so much fun recreating poses from their wedding day and letting them just have fun. I LOVE that even after ten years they look at each other the same way they did during their engagement photos, they laugh together, smile together, have fun together and are 100% perfect for each other in every single way. I hope to keep capturing and telling their love story for years to come!

Ok so know that my keyboard is covered in tears... I will let you enjoy their beautiful 10 year anniversary photos.

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