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A Love Story Filled with Surprises- Lovestruck Portraits- Calgary wedding photographer

I Adore these two!!! I met them at a bridal show last year and I left that show hoping they would email me. As luck would have it they won my engagement session and they were over the moon excited as they wanted to book me for their wedding!!! You can just tell by the way they laugh and look at each other that they will be a couple that stand the test of time. Their wedding was sooooooo much fun. And we were blessed that their church ( with some really crazy restrictions for photographers) let me capture their story the way I normally can. It helps sometimes when you just show up to talk respectfully to the priests. I loved their reception and spending time with their family and friends. They incorpated so many traditions, it just warmed my heart. There are sooo many things I would talk about, but honestly their whole day was just a fairytale, everything was perfect!!

Love has a funny way of bringing people together, and for Alyssa and Pierre, it was the swipe of destiny on a dating app that sparked the beginning of their incredible journey. As they embark on the adventure of a lifetime, let's take a closer look at the beautiful chapters of their love story.

  1. Meeting on Bumble: In the digital age, love can bloom with just a swipe. Alyssa and Pierre found each other on Bumble, setting the stage for a romance that would stand the test of time.

  2. Nearly Two Years of Togetherness: Since March 25, 2022, Alyssa and Pierre have been writing their love story together, creating countless memories and cherishing each passing moment.

  3. Favorite Date Night Spot: Proof cocktail bar on 1st street holds a special place in their hearts. The enchanting cocktails and wicked happy hour make it the perfect setting for their date nights, filled with laughter and shared moments.

  4. Favorite Things About Each Other: Alyssa admires Pierre's heart of gold and his unconditional love, not to mention that captivating smile. On the other hand, Pierre is enchanted by Alyssa's eyes, her mischievous smile, her kindness, and the fact that she chose to love him.

  5. The Unforgettable Proposal: Their engagement story is nothing short of magical. Despite a few unexpected twists in their plans during a trip to London, Pierre found the perfect moment to ask Alyssa to be his forever. St. Dunstan in the East, with its rich history and picturesque surroundings, became the backdrop for this beautiful chapter in their lives.

  6. Fun Love Story Details: Fate played a role in bringing them together, as they discovered they had crossed paths at the University of Lethbridge without ever meeting. Their love story is woven with unique connections and shared experiences.

  7. Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: For Alyssa and Pierre, the highlight of their wedding day was undoubtedly the moment they said "I do." The anticipation of seeing each other from down the aisle added an extra layer of joy to their special day.

  8. Memorable Honeymoon in Mexico: After tying the knot, the newlyweds jetted off to Cancun, Mexico, for a last-minute, sun-soaked honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort—a perfect start to their married life.

  9. Emotions on the Wedding Day: Nervous, excited, elated, in awe, and deeply in love—Alyssa and Pierre experienced a whirlwind of emotions on their wedding day, making it a truly unforgettable occasion.

  10. Advice for Fellow Brides: Drawing from their own experiences, Alyssa and Pierre encourage brides-to-be to focus on what truly matters, delegate tasks to willing friends and family, and not to sweat the small stuff. They emphasize the importance of creating a memorable atmosphere, enjoying good food, and capturing precious moments through photographs.

Alyssa and Pierre's love story is a testament to the beauty of unexpected moments and the joy that comes from embracing each step of the journey. As they continue to build their life together, one can't help but be inspired by the love, laughter, and genuine connection that defines their relationship. Here's to many more years of happiness and surprises for this lovely couple!

Suits: EPH Designs, groom, Espy for Groomsmen

Venues: St. Mary's Cathedral & The Hudson 

Hair: @signed_bysasha

Makeup artist:

 Bridesmaids is Vanessa Meyer at Serenity Lane Esthetics 

Bride is Tfmakeupartistry

Grooms Makeup Artist: Makeup by Mylynn

Cake/cupcakes: Cakeify

Catering: The Guild 

Limo: limo to go

Decor: Multiple including chair flair, lavish, and DIY

Wedding Planner: MK Events

Justice of the peace/ minister: Priest, Father Avinash Colacao

Shoes: Bueno Canada

Rings - Shimoon Jewellers

Dress: Durand Bridal 

Second Photographer: Onyx and Amber

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