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A Love Story: From a Chance Meeting to a Future Together- Lovestruck Portraits-Canmore AB

This wedding was AMAZING!!! I had so much fun!!! Zeid & Tenille's wedding was the perfect mixture of Classy and fun!!! Their first look had both me and Amber tearing up, Zeid was so overwhelmed with joy when he saw Tenille, and of course their pup Charlie had to come join in photos. I had such a laugh, so I had picked a location that had a large open field with the three sisters mountains in the background, it was close to the river... just a perfect spot........... For a random football game. They even got photo bombed but don't worry I photoshopped them out lol. The other really weird thing we ran into was the river was dry!!! I've never seen the river dry but it made for some really cool shots as we adventured onto the dry river bed.

They choose Silvertip Resorts as their stunning Venue... its honestly one of the best in Canmore. They held their ceremony outside, it may have been a little chilly but ohhh my lanta it was soooo beautiful!!!! Their reception kicked off with their first dance, amazing dinner and speeches that had everyone laughing. Zeid also finally got his official dad puppy adoption for Charlie. And oh my word can they all dance.. they had me tapping my feet and wanting to get on the dance floor with them all evening long. And one of the best shots of the evening, Tenille's bestie had a photo from her wedding that they wanted to recreate on the dancefloor.. we definitely made that magic happen. But ok ok... lol enough talk from me... here is their love story.

Love has a mysterious way of finding its path, and for Tenille and Zeid, it all began with a swipe on a dating app. From a chance encounter to a surprise proposal, their journey has been filled with laughter, adventures, and the undeniable connection that brought them together. In this blog post, we delve into the beautiful love story of Tenille and Zeid, exploring their unique journey from the first meeting to the upcoming wedding celebration.

  1. How did you and your fiancé meet?

Their story began on Hinge, where a photo of Tenille with an owl caught Zeid's attention. A coffee date during a freezing February night turned into a 3-hour conversation filled with random animal facts, marking the start of a beautiful connection.

  1. How long have you been together?

Despite the relatively short time frame of two and a half years, Tenille and Zeid feel like they've known each other forever. Their shared quirks and deep connection make their relationship feel timeless.

  1. Where is your favorite place to go on a date night?

Always on the lookout for new experiences, the couple often finds themselves at trendy cocktail bars or tapas restaurants in Calgary, adding a touch of excitement to their date nights.

  1. What is your favorite thing about each other?

Tenille loves Zeid's heart and quirky personality, even when he playfully motivates her to work out. Zeid admires Tenille's loving and considerate nature, enjoying her company on his many adventures and cherishing her delightful dad jokes.

  1. How did your Fiancé pop the question?

On their second anniversary, Zeid had a surprise dog sled ride planned at Lake Louise. Adapting to the crowded setting, he improvised by proposing along the frozen river, capturing the magical moment on video.

  1. Any other fun details about your love story?

Their love for hiking and travel has pushed their outdoor limits together. From Hawaii to Italy, Tenille and Zeid share a passion for exploring new places and embarking on exciting adventures.

  1. Any advice for fellow engaged couples out there?

The couple emphasizes the importance of having fun, avoiding overcomplication, and going with the flow during the engagement process. Their advice is to stay true to yourselves and enjoy the journey, even if things don't go exactly as planned.

  1. Tell us a little bit about Charlie, your adorable pup?

Charlie, their lovable pup, entered Tenille's life nine years ago. As Zeid entered the picture, Charlie's approval became a prerequisite for the relationship to progress. The trio now shares a deep bond filled with hikes, ball games, and the joy of each other's company.

Tenille and Zeid's love story is a testament to the beauty of unexpected connections, shared adventures, and the joy found in each other's company. As they embark on their journey towards marriage, the couple's love continues to grow, promising a future filled with happiness and cherished memories.

Wedding dress: Durand Bridal

Suits: Atelier Suiting

Venues: Silvertip Golf Resort

Hair: Yvonne Pawlowski

Makeup artist: Savage Makeup

Flowers: Alpine Blooms

Cake/cupcakes: Nerissa Schwartz

Catering: Silvertip Golf Resort

Limo: AM/PM Limo

Dj: Vegas Entertainment

Decor: Chair Flair

Justice of the peace/ minister: Alyssa Dewar

Dance Choreo & lessons: Free Spirit Dance

Rings: Alberta Diamond Exchange

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