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Disney kind of love -Saskatoon engagement

I am SO excited.. These two are getting married tomorrow!!!! Kendra & Tanner share a love of Disney, giggles and tons of love. I can not wait to share their wedding photos with you in just a couple of days!!! But for now here is their love story!

We are high-school sweethearts! We have been together for 11 years, engaged for 14 months. Kendra’s favorite would be a night out to the movies, Tanner’s is getting dressed up for a fancy dinner. Kendra’s favorite thing about Tanner is how little effort it takes to make her giggle. Tanner’s favorite part about Kendra is her seemingly endless amount of patience.

When It came to popping the question, The short answer is Kendra wrecked it. We had just moved in together, and bought “our” new Christmas tree. The plan was to ask when we were putting the tree up together. Because of the pandemic Kendra had decided that Christmas needed to go up sooner than normal, to bring some more happiness to the house, so she hauled it out while Tanner was away! Tanner came home to the tree up and decorated, but the ring wasn’t there yet! When the ring had finally arrived, we were in our hometown of Lloydminster. After a walk in the park where we had one of our first dates, it happened. It worked out as were able to celebrate immediately with all of our family, which we all appreciated.

A funny nickname that we have for each other is “Stupidhead.” One of our favorite Disney movies is Lilo & Stitch and in it, Stitch calls someone a stupid head. It just kind of stuck and now it’s a part of our every day vocabulary.

What advice can we give to couples planning their wedding? Don't stress. Everything falls into place. Its Murphy’s law that something will not go as planned at some point, and you will just have to accept it and adapt. Part of what makes a wedding your own are the things that don't go as planned, and remember it will only be you who knows something wasn’t as planned. That being said, have a plan, and try to stick to it.

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