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It all started with a beer- Saskatoon Engagement

Sometimes you meet your couples in the funniest ways!! I met Alicia at one of my good friends birthday parties. We related to each other by both having fiancé's that worked on the railroad, the all the struggles of being rail road wives. After seeing her fun personality I knew I was the perfect fit to capture their wedding. I LOVED that they brought Hersey's kiss's and the letter that went with it to their engagement session!! Read their love story to find out why!

We met on Tinder. Kevin swiped on me because I wrote in my profile that I had a Saskatoon bucket list that I wanted to work on and since he's from Saskatoon he wanted to know what would be on a Saskatoon bucket list. We have been together for 4.5 years (Aug 2017)

Our favorite places to go on a date night are Una pizza, occasionally local breweries.

We both love beer so whenever we travels we love to go to as many breweries as we can. We also bought Kevin's childhood home that his parents built and renovated it.

My favorite thing about Kevin is his calm and kind demeanor.

He helps keep my feet on the ground when I'm stressed or upset. His favorite thing about me is my stubbornness, when I want something, I go after it and don't give up.

I was relaxing on the couch when Kevin got home from work. He had a shoe box and I asked if he got new shoes and he said "no, they're for you". I was intrigued so I told him I wanted to see them because I couldn't imagine him buying me shoes lol. He walked over and handed me the box. When I opened it there was a dirty old pair of running shoes, a bunch of Hershey's kisses, and a note that said something like "Even if there weren't any planes, trains, or automobiles, I'd walk a thousand miles for one of your kisses." He then proceeded to get down on one knee and I have no idea what he said, my brain just blacked out. 5 minutes later when I had stopped crying I asked him was he said and he was baffled that I couldn't remember what he literally just said.

What Advice can I give couples planning their wedding?

Be prepared to go with the flow. I used to be very high stress about things going the way I planned then the world went crazy and things were all up in the air with the wedding. Everything we planned I just reassured myself that even if we had to change plans, I was still marrying the love of my life and we would make it the perfect day. We ended up having 2 venue changes, had to cut 2/3 of our guest list, couldn't have a dance, and the weather was hotter than heck (to the point I got heatstroke) but it was still perfect.

And they were married this past summer, I just did a blog about their wedding... if you haven't go check it out!!

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