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Sunshine on my rainy day-Saskatoon Engagement

Kelsey and Max kick of Engagement week on the blog. When I meet with my couples I always ask a bunch of questions, Like how did you meet? How did he pop the question and more. Everyone story is unique!! I remember capturing their engagement session like it was yesterday. Kelsey had her heart set on photos at sunset with that warm golden hour glow. All day it was beautiful weather and of course in true Saskatchewan weather style, mins before their session the storm clouds rolled in. Lucky the sun came out to capture some beautiful golden hour shots!!! Here is their love story from their point of view.

We met through mutual friends at a birthday party. We actually share mutual childhood friends but didn’t really know each other growing up. We both moved away from Saskatoon and then both moved back in our late 20s and that’s when we met at the birthday party. We have been together for 4.5 years! Our favorite date night is to golfing, we go anytime we get the chance!

What is our favorite thing about each other? I love Max’s sense of humor (he’s always being silly). Max loves Kels’s patience and her smile.

How did Max pop the question? oh I love telling this story, We spent my birthday at Elk Ridge resort. It was winter time , the pond frozen over and the fire place toasty and warm and he asked me while we were there. My favorite part of our story is how we both managed to find our way back to Saskatoon and find each other years after we both moved away. We were always connected through mutual friends, we just didn’t know it. the universe is funny like that sometimes.

If I could give wedding advice to couples planning out there?

It’s your day. Don’t follow traditions if you don’t want to and don’t try to please everyone else. Also be open minded because nothing ever goes exactly as planned.


Kelsey and Max

And they got married in Nov of 2020! Go check out there awesome blog post from last year!!!

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