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When adventure calls- Lake Minnewanka Banff

Brittney & Connor, I am so excited for their wedding this summer. They love to travel, so it’s only fitting their engagement photos reflected their love to explore. One huge advantage to my move is I am now just a short drive to the mountains, or badlands or huge waterfalls. They wanted beautiful mountain views they got it!!! Here is their love story

We met in December 2016 when my friend Katie was moving to the east coast and having a going away party & Connor's friend John was having a house warming party. They decided to combine the parties since there were many mutual friends. I was talking to Basit, who was friends with Connor. I kept saying that he looked like Mike from Suits. Basit told Connor that he should talk to me. After talking for a little while, John locked us in a room filled funko pops. We talked until I had to leave. That night, I added Connor on facebook AND messaged him first saying it was nice to meet him. We talked for a few days and then had our first date at Moxies on December 15th, 2016. We have been together for just a little over 5 years. My favourite date night spots include lots of Regina’s best food options: Luna, Copper Kettle, Dandy’s, and Milky Way. Connor’s favourite date night is playing board games. My favourite thing about Connor is that he sings when he is happy, but he changes all the words to be about me or our dog Loki. My favourite thing about Britt is that she enjoys going on adventures and makes me do things that I may not otherwise do, but that turn out great (like getting our dog).

Connor: I was originally going to propose to her surrounded by penguins at a zoo since Britt is obsessed with penguins. In particular, one zoo had penguins that would paint pictures for you. Unfortunately, covid. So I improvised. I obtained a number of garden penguins to accompany Loki and I in proposing in the city that we love. Britt: I was (annoyingly) bugging Connor a lot about proposing. I knew that he had planned to do it in summer of 2020, but that covid had ruined his plans. He had told me that it was supposed to happen when we were travelling somewhere but I had no others ideas. In January, my friend asked me to go take pictures at Wascana. I wanted to go to the mall instead, but she was persistent so I was SUS. I made sure I looked my best and was wearing this new green sweater that I liked just in case. Of course I said yes!!! We love to travel. So far we have explored 14 different countries together and are looking forward to checking many more off our list. Next up is Iceland for our honeymoon! What advice can we give to couples planning their weddings?

I am very type A and as a teacher I love lists and organization. I would say make a list of all the things you need to do. Also book early! Covid has made everything much harder to book.

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