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A little bit country

Chantel and Tyler’s country wedding was complete with a rustic barn, wheat fields and a old country road.

When I met with Chantel, she expressed how excited and meaningful a first look at the Borden bridge would be. That bridge is a gorgeous landmark, full of history, amazing leading lines and a really great fishing spot. Chantel also had the vision of a old rustic barn, which I knew I just had to make that happen.

When Tyler turned around to see Chantel standing there in her beautiful dress, he was filled with emotion. That magical moment with just the two of them was everything Chantel could have hoped for. The Borden bridge was the perfect backdrop for their first look.

Following some fun photos at the bridge we headed out to this beautiful old barn just a few mins away. A lovely lady from Langham let us use her barn, Chantel was overjoyed we found one so close. We had a good chuckle, we were allowed to shoot in the barn, but to our surprise when we opened the door we found a deer skin right next to where the coupe needed to stand.

Wheat fields and old grain elevators are a staple in Saskatchewan

We headed back into Langham to capture some beautiful shots in and around town. Down by the grain elevator there is a nice dirt road, a little natural area and usually a wheat field right there. It a great a spot for a few different looks. We headed over to the hall for a quick bite to eat and got ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, relaxed and full of happy tears.

We quickly switched up gears and jumped into the reception. I really enjoyed the speeches, you can tell they have amazing friends and family by the stories shared. If you know me you know how excited I get about up lighting and the first dances. I have a special technique that I learnt from a old film photographer that allows the light to perfectly wrap around the couple as they dance. It's just magical!!

Hairstylist: Lisa Rose (Personality Hair Designs) 

Makeup artist: Tanya De Delley

DJ: Storm Music 

Venue: Langham community hall

Suits: RW & Co

Dress: W Bridal

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