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Snowy mountain elopement- Canmore AB

It's amazing how much weddings can change in one year, many couples became so tired of the waiting with all the restrictions put in province to province. Many couples choose to still say I Do, even if it was a little smaller then planned. This year has given me a new fond love for elopements, don't get me wrong I love huge weddings, but their is something so magical about exchanging your vows in a very small setting.

Chelsey & John eloped in their beautiful home in Canmore, AB. Joined by

her dad and John's father, and siblings they exchanged their vows in front of their fireplace. They choose to live stream their ceremony so their best friends and other family members didn't have to miss a moment. Chelsey designed all her own florals. Molly, their black lab laid at their feet during the ceremony. Patrick Smiley, their officiant spoke from the heart and shared amazing words of wisdom. As they exchanged their vows Chelsey began to tear up from their lovely exchange. They signed their documents on their kitchen table, exchanged congratulations and hugs with their family members.

Following their ceremony we headed out, captured some photos with their family members and Molly. They choose a really unique location that over looked Canmore, complete with perfect mountain backdrops, pathways and tall pines. Molly was ready to ham it up a bit for photos, I love pups with a ton of personality. I took Chelsey and John to a couple of different locations around the area. I had been keeping an eye on the weather that day, mountains can be very unpredictable. I knew their was a winter storm rolling in that day, so planned to have their images done before the storm set in. Luckily the weather held off for a bit and we were blessed with a light dusting of magical snowflakes and warmer weather.

Chelsey and John had a great time during their photos, they shared laughs, cuddled in nice and close, and of course shared romantic moments together. We captured memories in some of their favorite places in around Canmore. Even though I was only with them for a few short hours, I really got to know them as a couple and share their love story. I wish them many years of happiness, adventure and love. I can not wait to capture their beautiful little family again in the future.

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