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Playful romance- Saskatoon wedding

Alicia & Kevin's wedding is the perfect example of how a wedding can be super fun but also super romantic! Alicia & Kevin's wedding was a breath of fresh air for me, Finally a wedding that was more then 30 people, ready to have a great time and barely any restrictions. Their wedding was still filled with challenges including a venue change and with restrictions still not being allowed to have a dance party. But these two rolled with it, made it work and this up coming summer I will get to capture the party of a lifetime!

The girls got ready in the penthouse at the Parktown Hotel, its such an incredible hidden gem with river views. The morning was filled with laughs, great music and mimosas. Kevin surprised Alicia with a really sweet blanket the morning of their wedding. To most this is just a cool gift, but Kevin works on the railroad. Being previously a railroad wife I might have started to tear up when she opened it. They work long hard hours, trying to plan anything is nearly impossible and they are always away from home. A few finishing touches from Kelsey Rae, the girls getting her into her dress and she was ready to head to the church.

Juli & I headed over the the guys and had a blast capturing their getting ready photos. I learnt that Alicia made most of their décor herself and her cricut. I had no idea you could make paper flowers among other things with them. Kevin put so much time into details, his cufflinks contained photos of his parents, so they could be with him during the wedding.

They said their I Do's at Knox united church. Its such a beautiful church, it can be one of the hardest churches to photograph in the city, its dark, tight in some places and the couple are on a stage. But with years of experience, knowing where to stand and proper equipment its a breeze. The guests were amazing, Alicia and Kevin got married on one of the hottest days of the year and with Knox being an older church it doesn't have AC. The guests were fanning themselves as they waited for the couple. Like most weddings their is normally a little hiccup or two, they were waiting on their florals, so the guests had to wait just a little longer but the anticipation was worth it. They exchanged heart felt vows to each other while their guest watched with joy. It was so refreshing to see an almost full church again, its funny how its little things like that you miss. The couple headed outside to thank their family and friends for joining them, we snapped a few quick family photos and were on our way to take photos with the bridal party.