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Sylvan Lake Wedding -Lovestruck Portraits

This is the second wedding I have shot in Sylvan lake. Brandy and Lyle was very laid back. They started their day off with a first look on this lovely little pathway. They shared a quite moment with just the two of them before their maid of honor and best man joined in. We traveled around to a few different locations around Sylvan. Their ceremony was really sweet, surrounded by the their family and friends. And just before we had planned to sneak out to take a few more photos a hail storm rolled in, we switched up plans and started with their family photos indoors and waited the storm out. Thank goodness it was short lived. We headed over to the beach/ lake for photos. The photos looked so cool with the hail clouds in the sky.

We met when we were about 6 years old In elementary school. We lived across the street from one another and I use to play with his older sister sometimes. We have been together 10 years. We reconnected in our mid 30s on Facebook. We had many conversations and became great friends. Then December 26 2012 he finally convinced me to meet for a coffee and visit. We have been inseparable since that day. Every day is like a date night for us. But we do enjoy going for dinners, movies and not so much "date night" but our favorite thing to do together is go to Rimby or Edmonton drag strips for races.

Favorite thing is a hard thing to choose. We are so much the same person we sometimes scare people. Lol his kids told me early in the relationship you are just like our dad. My favorite thing about lyle is his amazing eyes, they almost sparkle. Lyles favorite thing about me is "her beautiful smile, it makes me smile when I look at you"

The proposal wasn't anything fancy, but we are not fancy people. He actually asked on one knee in our kitchen. We had bought the ring together but he wanted to ask my parents first so he kept it until he could ask. Then once my parents were excited and seen the ring my mom said "well aren't you going to put it on" and I said no.... he hasn't asked me yet. Then later that night while cooking supper he asked my oldest son to come video and came out and got on his knee and asked me.

Our love for one another is so strong that people around us comment all the time. We always say if I were a male and he were a female we would be one another. In almost 11 years we have never had a fight, we bicker but we never fight.

My favorite part of our wedding day was doing our first looks. We got to spend some special moments together before everything. Because it was both if our second weddings we wanted the whole evening (it was an evening wedding) to be just about us. We only had one person each stand up for us and about 60 of our family and friends. I did almost everything myself from making my bouquet, centerpieces, decorations and all the food. It was AMAZING to see it all come together, exactly as I imagined it to look.

We have not had our honeymoon yet but are booked to go to Puerto Vallarta Mexico on February 26, 2023... counting the days now.

I felt like an absolute princess. Everything I thought I didn't want in a dress was everything I chose. And Chelsea took a photo with her actual " princess pose". It is one of my moms favorite pictures. There was a few moments that were bitter sweet as my brother and my only sibling who has passed 2 years ago was remembered in a few different ways.

My only advice is don't stress about things you are the only one who knows if something doesn't go quite as planned. Also take time just the 2 of you to enjoy the moment. Take it all in together.

Venue: Sylvan Lake Lions Hall

Wedding Dress: Novia Mia

Suits: Black Knight Tuxedo

Hair: Alexis Lightbown

Makeup: Maici Lefebvre Makeup

Cake: Creative Cakes by Carol

DJ: Boomtown Sound

Wedding Commissioner: Barb Fenske

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