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A Journey of Love: From Driving Ranges to Endless Laughter- Lovestruck Portraits-Radium hot springs

This wedding was one my my FAVORITES this year!! Not only did I get to travel to Radium Hot springs for their big day.. they were a BLAST to capture. Bahahahaha I knew they were the perfect couple of me when they wanted a Dino chasing them in their photos!! The beer boys had me rolling on the floor just before their beautiful ceremony. I loved all there personal touches, like home made pies, cakes, blankets and the coolest thing I've seen, a piñata cake! Ashlyn's a graphic designer so the geometric theme present from the invites, ceremony and reception spoke to my soul. I LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding with a ton of amazing details like this, even the podium and stir sticks at the bar incorporated their theme. Their gem stone color choice was perfect for their fall wedding. One really nice touch is she got ready at their place in Fairmount that they spent 26 years in, they planned to be selling soon so I knew I had to incorporate and capture the mountains they spent years look at and the home. I would happily go shoot in Radium again!!! But enough about my thoughts.. Let them tell you their story.

Love has a funny way of finding us, and for me and my fiancé Troy, it all started with a little matchmaking magic from my best friend. From unconventional proposals to late-night stargazing, our journey has been filled with laughter, joy, and a touch of chaos. In this blog post, I'll take you through the highlights of our love story, from the day we met to the blissful moments on our wedding day.

  1. How Did You and Your Fiancé Meet? Troy entered my life as my best friend's work husband, and she meticulously vetted him before introducing us. Our first encounter was on a date at the driving range, a casual setting that sparked a connection strong enough to make us inseparable ever since.

  2. How Long Have You Been Together? Three years into our journey, we find ourselves not only deeply in love but also blessed with a beautiful 2-year-old daughter who brings immeasurable joy to our lives.

  3. Favorite Place for Date Night? While our date nights have evolved since the arrival of our little one, the essence of our connection remains. Lavish picnics and mountain hikes have given way to cozy dinners, and, yes, being in bed by 9 PM – a testament to the changing dynamics of parenthood.

  4. Favorite Thing About Each Other? My favorite thing about Troy is his knack for terrible dad jokes and his unwavering optimism. He keeps me grounded and laughing. Troy's answer? Well, let's just say he appreciates the finer things in life, and his playful response adds a touch of humor to our love story.

  5. How Did Your Fiancé Pop the Question? In true unconventional fashion, Troy's proposal was far from the typical romantic picnic. Instead, amidst a hailstorm and a makeshift truck cover, he dropped to one knee, soaking wet, and asked the question that would forever change our lives.

  6. Any Other Fun Details About Your Love Story? Our love story had its own timeline; we knew we were meant to be together after just three months. Troy's bold move of inviting me to visit his parents in BC on our third date added an adventurous twist to our budding romance.

  7. Favorite Part of Your Wedding Day? Surrounded by loved ones, dancing the night away, and stealing a moment under the stars – our wedding day was a dream come true. The highlight? Sitting alone, hand in hand, reflecting on the magic of the day.

  8. Did You Go on a Honeymoon? Our upcoming adventure to Mexico in February promises ten days of blissful solitude, a much-anticipated honeymoon to celebrate our love.

  9. How Did You Feel on Your Wedding Day? Amidst a mix of stress and excitement, the overwhelming emotion was joy. The day was a whirlwind of happiness, a celebration of love with those dearest to us.

  10. Any Advice for Fellow Brides? Live in the moment, they said, and it couldn't be truer. Despite the fast-paced nature of the day, embracing each moment and prioritizing personal joy over pleasing others made our wedding day truly unforgettable. Dance, have fun, and make it your own – after all, it's your day.

Wedding dress: Brilliant Bridal Dallas

Venues: Upper Ranch Radium Hot Springs

Hair: Heather – Scruples Hair Design

Makeup artist: -Hunter Pickering Makeup

Flowers: you floral

Catering: Smoke house 93

Dj: Key DJ @keydjyyc

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