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From Swipes to Scenic Vows: Our Love Story- a Canmore Elopement-Lovestruck Portraits

Oh man where do I even begin with helping tell Courtney & Ashley's love story. They reached out just a few weeks before their elopement and right away I knew I wanted to capture their beautiful Canmore Elopement. I helped them with timeline and locations. Cut to their wedding day and the weather hit us with a unexpected surprise!!! IT RAINED!!!! LOL try finding umbrella's in December!! We had to completely switch plans as the rain made walkways super icy. But they put their complete trust in me and rolled with the changes!! There ceremony was amazing and so heartfelt, they laughed they cried and they signed their papers in the rain. I was sooo sad it was sooo cloudy it made it really hard to see the mountains at times. I had wanted to take them to the waterfall I had found last year but it was too icy, so I made a little magic happen for them.

But enough about My thoughts ..... Let them tell you their story ... AND I have a SURPRISE at the very end for them =)

In the vast world of dating apps, where swipes can lead to lasting connections, Ashley and I found each other on Tinder on December 10, 2018. Little did we know that this chance meeting would blossom into a beautiful love story that led us to the picturesque town of Canmore for our intimate elopement on December 6, 2022.

The Beginning:

Our first date, on December 18, was a mix of nerves and excitement. We opted for a diner for dinner, but the butterflies in our stomachs made it hard to eat. We then explored the Christmas lights at the Forestry Farm in Saskatoon, drove around the city, and talked and listened to music for hours. The connection was undeniable from the start.

Despite the physical distance after our first date, with Ashley going home for the holidays, we maintained our connection through daily Facetime calls, phone calls, and text messages. It was during this time that our bond deepened, and on January 6, 2019, Ashley and I officially became a couple upon her return to Saskatoon.

The Proposal:

Fast forward to February 6, 2022, when Ashley surprised me with a heartfelt proposal at our home. Using a Scrabble tile, she popped the question, and of course, I said yes. Not one to be outdone, I reciprocated on August 6, 2022, proposing by the river in Fishcreek Provincial Park with the assistance of our dog and a tag that read, "Will you marry my mama?"

Elopement Decision:

While wedding planning proved to be stressful, we made the decision to elope, choosing December 6th as our date in keeping with the tradition of the 6's. Canmore, with its breathtaking mountain backdrop, became the perfect destination for our intimate celebration.

The Big Day:

In the days leading up to our elopement, excitement filled the air. The day before felt like Christmas Eve, and we couldn't wait for the moment we had been anticipating. Contrary to tradition, we spent the entire wedding day together, sharing in the joy and nerves. The drive to Canmore separately added an element of suspense, but as soon as we laid eyes on each other, everything felt right, and the nerves melted away.

Our Advice:

Reflecting on our journey, our tip for couples embarking on their own love story is simple: do what makes you happy. Elopement was our choice, despite any reservations our families may have had. Your love story is uniquely yours, and there's no "right" way to celebrate it. Whether it's an elaborate ceremony or an intimate elopement, make it your own and prioritize what brings you joy.

Our love story, from a chance encounter on a dating app to a magical elopement in the mountains, is a testament to doing things our way. In the end, it's the shared moments, the love, and the happiness that define a relationship. Here's to love, laughter, and a lifetime of happiness together.

BUT WAIT!!!!! I have a special Surprise for Courtney & Ashley....GUESS WHAT!!!!

That's right... your amazing wedding image WON Not only my 2023 year end contest... But an international wedding award!!! Congrats!!!

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