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A Love Nest Unveiled: Our Journey from Sparrows to Saying "I Do"-Lovestruck Portraits

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Martensville, a love story began in the most unexpected way. Donavon and I were just neighbors, living our separate lives until a shared avian inconvenience brought us together.

The tale started with the incessant chirping of sparrows nesting in the vent of Donavon's house, a sound that drove me to the brink of springtime madness. One evening, fate intervened as Donavon emerged on his deck while I was tending to my plants. We exchanged greetings, but my nerves initially got the better of me, leading me to retreat indoors.

Summoning the courage after a self-pep talk, I ventured out again, determined to address the feathered invaders. To my surprise, Donavon was clueless about the avian tenants, and a comical mix-up ensued. Despite the misunderstanding, our brief chat blossomed into plans to remove the nest the following day.

As we worked together to evict the sparrows, a connection deeper than expected unfolded. Twelve hours spent on that deck and wandering around Martensville revealed a bond that seemed to transcend time. We became inseparable, and in the blink of an eye, two and a half years had passed.

Our days, though mostly spent as homebodies, were filled with simple pleasures — walks, ice cream dates, and cozy movie nights. What stood out for me was Donavon's infectious sense of humor and the warmth of his heart. His ability to make me feel safe and embrace my goofy side became the foundation of our love story.

In return, Donavon cherished my protective nature and unconditional love. He admired my fierceness when it came to our family and marveled at my ability to love without limits. Together, we formed a bond that weathered the storms, always choosing love over bitterness.

The culmination of our journey occurred in our living room just before Christmas when Donavon surprised me with a proposal. Amidst the holiday cheer, he caught me off guard, on bended knee. The details may be a blur, but the moment was perfect. After saying yes and a heartfelt hug, Donavon, in his endearing way, asked, "Did you say yes?"—a humorous touch to our joyous occasion.

Fast forward to our wedding day, and if I had to pick a favorite part, it would undoubtedly be our first look and the ceremony. The nerves leading up to the moment dissipated as soon as I saw Donavon, allowing us to savor every instant together. Our rings, momentarily misplaced, added a touch of suspense to the ceremony, but in the end, everything fell into place.

Our wedding day was a dream, a day where we laughed, whispered, and joyfully celebrated with those we hold dear. As we walked down the aisle, we couldn't be certain if the rings would make it in time, but our calm and shared humor prevailed. That day, and every moment within it, exceeded all expectations.

Post-wedding, we embarked on a honeymoon adventure to Canmore and Banff, immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature, challenging hikes, and shared laughter. The nervousness that accompanied the lead-up to our first look transformed into a feeling of pure bliss and euphoria, making our wedding day the happiest in my life.

From sparrows in the vents to a journey down the aisle, our love story continues to evolve, each day a testament to the unexpected joy that love can bring. The sparrows may have started the tale, but it's the love we've built that makes our story truly extraordinary.

Wedding dress: Brides N Belles (Morilee)

Suits: David's Distinctive Mens Apparel

Bridesmaid dresses: Brides N Belles (Morilee)

Hair: Golden Hour Hair Studio (Lexie Bosovich)

Makeup artist: Royal Beauty

Flowers: Costco

Cake/cupcakes: Country Style BBQ

Catering: Country Style BBQ

Dj: Night Owl

Decor: Cameron & Co. Event Rentals & 306 Party Rentals 

Justice of the peace/ minister: Dave Isaak

Venue: Sanitorium Site & Lucky Bastard Distillery 

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