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The Backyard YXE-Lovestruck Portraits

Erin and Ryan's wedding was sadly another one I had to miss, but had the joy of editing the images afterward. LOL trust me if I had felt well enough after giving birth I would have been there! Juli and Ashley of course stepped up the plate and took amazing care of my couple. they got married at the backyard yxe.. and you bet they had lawn games and a bouncy castle!!!! I was lucky enough to get to shoot their engagement session. I loved their color choices and all the pumpkins. They got ready at the backyard and Erin and Ryan shared a first look in the yard. They headed out to their family farm to take photos. the tall pines made for a perfect backdrop for their photos. The old truck and barn were amazing too. They headed out to Winstons for a quick drink and photos in the alley right behind the senator. The brick gave a lovely british vibe to go along with the pub. They headed back to the backyard and had their ceremony with all their family and friends. Their daughter joined them for part of the ceremony and into family photos afterwards. The reception looked like a blast, with an icing, shoe game and a really fun dance party.

How did you and your fiancé meet? We met at Jax Nightclub (remember that place?!) on the night of one of my besties birthdays, Dec. 2nd 2011. I still remember seeing Ryan's awesome dance moves with both of his fists pumping in the air. 10 years as of July 8th 2022. And now our wedding anniversary will be Oct. 8th 2022.

Where is your favorite place to go on a date night? The Konga Cafe in Saskatoon. It's Jamaican food and it's just the best. What is your favorite thing about each other?

We're both down to do random things/adventures or stay at home and do nothing at all. Plus kitchen dance parties any day of the week are always fun.

How did your Fiancé pop the question?

She asked! And then he asked back...go figure! It was the end of 2020 (and we all know what kind of year that was)...New Years Eve and leading up to the evening I (Erin) thought what better way to end this nutty year then on a high note with my love. I set up our basement like a pizzeria, picked up Una pizza and wrote in one of the boxes "I love you with every pizza my heart" and had a ring hiding behind a pillow. He hugged me and kissed me and said yes, got up and came back 30 seconds later with a ring for me too! That's really how it happened...I can't make this stuff up! <3

Any other fun details about your love story? Our friend groups came together and have formed some of the best bonds...a friend of mine and a friend of his even married each other before us! We moved in together after 2 years and got the best doggo. In March 2022 we welcomed our first baby girl into the world and she was able to be apart of our wedding in a very special way.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? Has to be all the fun and activities with our friends and family...oh, and the bouncy castle Did you go on a honeymoon? Not yet! We're thinking 2024 and still totally undecided! Somewhere hot and relaxing? PEI and Newfoundland (we love PEI). Italy so we can just eat, drink, cook, tour and eat some more? We'll see! How did you feel on your wedding day? Ready and excited! Really tried to live in the moment and enjoy every part of the day. We were so happy to see everyone having so much fun with all the games and bouncy castle. And the food from Hillside Smoke n BBQ was amazing. Highly suggest their jerk chicken! Any advice for fellow brides out there? Have as much fun as you want, it's your day!

Associate Photographers: Juli Labrecque photographer

Ashley bloom photography

Editor: Lovestruck portraits

Wedding dress: Exquisite

Suits: Tux n Tails

Hair: Muse

Makeup artist: Nicole Kraft (No Limit Artistry....Ryan's cousin)

Flowers: Michelle's

Cake/cupcakes: Cakes by Alix and doughnuts from Nutana Bakery

Catering: Hillside Smoke N BBQ

Limo: Living Sky

Dj: Bridge City Music...Sean

Justice of the peace/ minister: Anita Retzslaff (My BMs Lauren's aunt is a minister)

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