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Tobin Lake-Lovestruck Portraits

Amber and Kyle were one of the most relaxed, go with the flow couples I have captured in a while. The morning of the wedding the sky's opened up and it just poured rain all day. They were really smart however and watched the weather and created a tarp system for over their outdoor ceremony. Amber looked absolutely incredible in her dress and had the most touching first look with her children in the morning.

Their ceremony was held in front of the lake, with their best friends all around. Kinda a funny moment during the ceremony, poor kyle had to wear a different ring as they accidently misplaced his. Amber was worried at first about getting her dress soaked during photos so we headed to the local golf course that had a covered tower so they could still have outdoor images but be dry. They had a blast, we played games and took photos by the lake. We ended up letting her dress get a little dirty but it was 100% worth it!! The rain did let up for the dinner, for their kissing game they had a little pond setup and you had to go fishing for them to kiss. They also had the youngest MC's I have ever seen host their evening events. But enough from me..... Lets hear their love story from them.

How did you and your fiancé meet?

Funny story.. Kyle did work for my parents at their cabin. They fell in love with him (even more particularly my dad fell in love with him, and he doesn’t like a lot of people!) they talked about this ‘Kyle’ character all the time! It was a ongoing joke in our family among us siblings for a over a year, that ‘Kyle can fix it.’ Fast forward a year after my parents met him I met him (we also share mutual friends, they brought him to my parents cabin for a weekend, where is all vegan!) and it’s safe to say he was a fast hit for our whole family. We fell hard, fast, my kids loved him instantly and he became best friends with my brothers in one weekend! My dad still thinks Kyle walks on water! We have been together for 5 years. He is also 7 years younger then me.

Date night? We have 3 children lol however we are serious old souls and love to curl up on the couch with tea and watch a documentary!

I love Kyle’s work ethic! I love how he keeps me grounded and I know he is my safe person no matter what is going on! He loves the mother I am!

How did your Fiancé pop the question?

We were at our favourite winter cabin rental, a cabin in the woods up in the PA national park and he had the kids involved. They gave me a ring pop and asked if I wanted to marry them! And behind them was Kyle with real ring!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favourite part was absolutely the dance floor. The day was cold and rainy and our amazing guests toughed it out, with the help of the Caesar bar they were able to stay warm, they stayed right till the bitter and end and our dance floor was such a hit! There was dance offs, break dancing, sing offs and my dad Danced his heart out too with all his grand babies. It was the best wedding dance ever!

Did you go on a honeymoon?

We had planned to go to Texas to watch our all time favourite Dallas cowboys game, but ended up pregnant a lot sooner than anticipated.. lol.. so we are waiting on that trip!

How did you feel on your wedding day?

I am not gonna lie, in the early hours of the day I was heart broken due to weather! Nothing went as planned.. but as soon as I switched mentally to “it is what it is” I had the best time ever! I was freezing, so there was that element, but man we had fun! And the pictures in the rain were an absolute blast! Our wedding party was hilarious and so fun and they just went with it!

Any advice for fellow brides out there?

Embrace everything that is thrown your way! Embrace with open arms, because you can’t change it anyways!

Wedding dress: Brides and Bells

Suits: Davids Distinctive Wear

Justice of the peace/ minister: Kelsey Connell

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